Welcome back the cool funky space dude Ku in this all new action pack game.
Ku is called back into action to do battle with the intruders of the Star-9 system.
The good doctor has built a machine that can zap beings from another world.
Doctor Motion planet has been taken over by evil space beings from another world.
The invader's nearly destroyed the entire land by turning it into one big war-zone.
Now Ku must face the call for peace. Can he do it this time???

Main Menu Controls
Press the X key or touch the orange cross-hair

In-Game Controls

Arrow keys for movement
C key or Up Arrow key to jump
X key to shoot

Arrow pad for movement
Button B to jump
Button A to shoot

When playing the game remember there are hidden switches that activates the Weapon and Ammo craters. YOU MUST HAVE AMMO TO SHOOT THEM DOWN.

Good luck gamers!!!!

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