Night Run is an awesome game inspired by the original Pacman platform title. Night Run has similar game mechanics but you control a cool sports car instead! You must drive through the maze on each level and collect the blue briefcases. You will be chased by a variety of enemies trying to thwart you and put a stop to your night deliveries but you have a few tricks up your sleeve!

Keep moving around the streets and change direction often to try and throw your enemies off balance. Don't forget to place your deadly mines for your enemies to drive over or use the other weapons you have at your disposal! Can you work your way through every level and complete the night run?


  • Many enemies that are constantly spawning and hunting you
  • Your mines are limited, make sure to pick up some
  • You need to wait for the next briefcase to spawn and defend yourself from the enemies


  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to place mine
  • C to shoot (only on certain power-ups)

Development log


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I hope this becomes a full game. I like the style of the graphics. It reminds me of the old tron game my uncle let me play.